I was looking at the BBC website at about 11AM this morning and I saw this story about an unfortunate family in Northern Ireland:

The post is titled "The family social distancing for years"

I was going to create a post about it, obviously, but when I went looking for it now it had changed title to the less dystopian "Cystic Fibrosis: The grandfather and grandson who must remain 2m apart"

This is undoubtedly a sad story. I have had two family members die of CF and a third is living with it. So I'm not discussing this lightly. However, it needs to be seen for what it is.

In June I spotted these two items:

I wrote posts about them suggesting the BBC were testing public opinion here and here.

They produce these stories (and the rest of the mainstream media) to condition us to accept things and/or to test our reactions. It seems to take about three to four weeks for it to become a reality

If we do nothing but grumble on a forum then they go ahead with it.

In my opinion this story has been used to test how much we will react to permanent distancing. Just Google it and you'll find a lot of key people are suggesting it.

We need people all over the country taking legal action against the government for everything they do. No petitions. Physical petitions are slung into skips and online ones are just ignored. They serve no purpose.

Simon Dolan's case may have been dismissed, so far, but he unearthed the SAGE minutes, caught HMG out on the "we never closed schools" lie etc so it was far from a failure.

If HMG are forced to divulge something crucial in every action then eventually something may come out that will change things completely.

That's why Lockdown Truth is taking action.

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