The reason I started wasn't because I have a lot to say (I have) and am a great writer (I'm not). It's because I had an idea and wanted to make it happen.

That idea was to create a site full of very simple to digest (and understand) snippets of information crowd-sourced from you.

Bear with...

Somebody like Toby Young or Peter Hitchens may write an amazing article full of great points. But the average person on the street will not read that article or the 100 often great comments below it.

Not only that but after a while these posts and comment become lost or difficult to "discover" by chance.

The mainstream media and big business specialise in capturing people's attention and ramming home key points - perhaps one of those phrases now is "new normal". These sink into the psyche and become accepted.

What people like us don't have is that level of expertise or coordination. We are divided and thus easily conquered.

The Idea

What could possibly work is if lots of you out there took one single fact that made you think "WOW" and package it up in either an easy to understand or an eye-catching way.

You may be a marketing expert, a writer, a film maker, an artist, a cartoonist, a scientist, etc. Whatever you can do may help convince one or more people to question the "lockdown" and the long period of social distancing to come.

Even if you just have one idea for a topic please let us know.

All the best snippets will be pushed out into the social media world to see if they can fly.

Send any of your ideas or contributions here.


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