One year ago Jombart et al published a paper called "Outbreak analytics: a developing data science for informing the response to emerging pathogens" on the Royal Society Publishing website.

One of the authors was Sebastian Funk who has been active on the Covid 19 scene.

Here is an abstract of their abstract:

"...emerging pathogen epidemics remain a major public health concern. Effective response to such outbreaks relies on timely intervention, ideally informed by all available sources of data. The collection, visualization and analysis of outbreak data are becoming increasingly complex, owing to the diversity in types of data, questions and available methods to address them. Recent advances have led to the rise of outbreak analytics, an emerging data science focused on the technological and methodological aspects of the outbreak data pipeline, from collection to analysis, modelling and reporting to inform outbreak response. In this article, we assess the current state of the field."

The article included a couple of fancy graphs but the one above was missing something crucial...

They completely forgot to add that you must introduce compulsory face coverings just before the last case is confirmed. So I added it for them.

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