Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Stealing the model used by Extinction Rebellion there would be a basic core group helping to steer the general narrative. But otherwise, everything would be devolved to autonomous groups who just act locally whether in cities or villages, etc.

All logos etc would be free to reproduce and groups could set up their own websites or point people to the central one.

Local groups who create a successful campaign or flyer etc could share the technique or design with everyone else. That way we would rapidly learn the best way to do things.

I have already registered a domain name but it is not pointing to anything yet. I'll point it here for the time being.

I also set up a Twitter account Please follow if you like the idea.

The branding is designed not to scare off "nervous maybes". It's humorous and allows people to dip their toe in the water in a way they might not if more direct language was used e.g. freedom, wake up, etc.

The plan is to make this global so all groups can join under the "Goldfish Bowl" logo. Existing groups can align with us or new groups can use the full branding and be a local "chapter".

I have some high profile people willing to get behind it.

See "sample" flyers below.

Let me know what you think.


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