The covid crisis is worsening all around the world according to the WHO.

Read this story in the Daily Mail today.

It speaks of a massive rise in cases all over the world and I'm pretty sure we're all doomed... sad face.

Not once does it mention DEATHS. It just mentions CASES, INFECTIONS or OUTBREAKS.

It published these graphics side by side and expects nobody to notice the elephant in the room:

Cases go up. Deaths go down. BECAUSE OF TESTING! You are finding people who have no symptoms, are not ill, because it's not deadly to nearly everyone on the planet.

Here is the USA:

I wonder when their volume of testing massively increased...

Someone could argue that that tiny uptick could be the start of the case surge and the next 23 days will see a huge increase in US deaths.

I'm not holding my breath. Even if it could make you ill.

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