We missed the spectacle of the Grand National this year. If you were to have a flutter on what might kill you, the chances are you wouldn't bet on anything above 100 to 1.

The graph below sets out your odds of dying* if under 65 from the listed causes based on a combination of facts from Injury Facts and my own calculations based on the latest CDC best estimate for the Covic-19 Infection Fatality Rate and this weeks publication in the Lancet by Chu et al on distancing.

  • The non-covid odds are over the course of the average lifetime. The covid related odds are the odds on becoming infected on one outing and the risk of dying from that infection. So they are not strictly comparable but it helps to put everything into perspective.

For anyone who wants to play with the numbers here is my working out...

Population figures based on 2018 UK census.

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