The rise in deaths in the US since the 7th of July would “appear” to correspond to a rise in Covid 19 cases from about the 19th of June. This is the BIG ONE especially as the election looms.

But this cannot be the case.

There has been a massive increase in the number of Covid 19 tests being done every month since March. (See Daily Covid 19 tests per thousand people below and source here)

This has created a rise in the number of "cases" in the US since June 19th. From 62,358 tests on March 26th to 794,244 tests on July 26th.

But the positive tests as a percentage of total tests have been DECREASING since at least May 13th (no earlier figures are available). They may have plateaued for the last month but they ARE NOT INCREASING. (See Share of total Covid 19 tests that were positive below and source here)

The actual number of infected is unknown and no matter how many people you test it isn't going to change the number of infections. You will just get closer to finding out how many infections there are in the country.

This all means that in ANY random sample across the country the number of infections will be the same as it was a month ago.

That means that deaths also should be at least the same right now and NOT INCREASING as they are.

So the increase in deaths is either not real or they are other deaths being recorded as Covid 19 to ramp up the numbers for whatever reason.

This is all assuming that the test results are trustworthy which is a different story!

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