What would the average bed wetting reader think when they see this headline?

Ask 100 non-thinkers and 99% will say that a second wave is here, the death rate is rising and Boris is standing firm against another "lockdown" because... he believes in freedom! Oh, and it's live because this is URGENT!

Why is this sort of reporting allowed? It is not truthful. It's fake news. It's harmful.

There is NO second wave, just an increase in the number of cases because more people are being tested who DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THEY HAD IT, the number of deaths rose by 9 which means the number of deaths is rapidly FALLING TOWARDS ZERO i.e. it's nearly gone (9...!!?? There were 1,173 deaths on April 21st) and Boris Johnson can vow all he wants but it won't change the fact that he is indisputably the worst public servant this country has ever had.

If the government wanted to stop "project fear" then they would take the writers of this article, Kit Heren and Rebecca Speare-Cole aside and tell them that they will never get access to the government again etc all that stuff.

But this is not happening thereby proving that the government want "project fear" to continue.

" death toll rises". Just think, if one person dies over the next six months that is essentially a rise in the death toll so these headlines could go on forever as long as you're a dishonest journalist.

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