This infuriates me. People who are very old and/or extremely ill get Covid-19 and it is blamed for their death and ramps up hysteria.

Your 95 year old nan breaks a hip, goes into hospital, has a turn for the worse then gets pneumonia and dies. That's exactly what happened to my grandmother.

This is how many people die. It’s happened to members of my family and probably every family. It’s a normal part of life.

The Independent April 2nd 2020: “Eddie Large death: Little and Large comedian dies from coronavirus aged 78”

What actually happened:

Eddie Large was already in hospital with heart failure. The heart he received in a transplant operation in 2003 was giving up. He was already one of the oldest survivors of a heart transplant in the UK.

While in hospital, he was infected with Covid-19 and died because his heart wasn't strong enough to deal with the infection.

Would he have survived. I have read many articles on the case but I haven't seen any mention that his prognosis was good.

There is a lack of realistic journalism and reporting here. Any one of these articles could be written during a normal flu season.


ITV News April 24th 2020: https://www.itv.com/news/meridian/2020-04-24/twin-nurses-from-southampton-the-latest-victims-of-covid-19/

Emma and Katy Davis join... a growing list of front-line staff who've died of Covid-19”

What actually happened:

This story has a triple angle. Twin sisters, nurses & Covid-19.

Although this is a terribly tragic human story it’s not what it purports to be.

The report egregiously suggests that the sisters were “frontline staff” who died of Covid-19 i.e. they died while saving the rest of us.

One sister was a children’s nurse and hadn’t worked for some time. The other worked as a surgical nurse until 2013. Neither had worked recently, neither worked at a hospital recently, they both had the same unnamed “health condition” and had been unwell for some time.

They were self-isolating together early on and as each came to the hospital for critical care (I assume for their unnamed health condition - it doesn't say) they were tested positive for Covid-19.

The report doesn’t say what the sisters actually died of.

This example is typical of many. The mainstream media promote a story that scares people into thinking Covid-19 is waiting to get them whereas in reality it nearly always comes down to the fact that these people were really ill already and about to die.

That they were both nurses (in the past) was shoe-horned into the "dying on the front-line" narrative..

Being twins gave the story an extra tragic dimension.

James Dunham, the journalist who wrote this article should be ashamed of himself for taking part in the ramping up of fear and spreading misleading new. How can he possibly defend this piece.

Why is this allowed to happen?

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